Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging Research Team

Team Leader

Katsumi Midorikawa


Photo: Katsumi Midorikawa


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Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging Research Team,
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

#S411 4F Bioscience Building,
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan


Light is a cutting-edge tool for life science research. Development of useful fluorescent probes and the advancement of light microscope technologies have brought us a new world of “live” imaging within a cell. We are developing super-resolution confocal live imaging microscopy (SCLIM) by the combination of a high-speed confocal scanner and a high-sensitivity camera system. With this method we will observe membrane trafficking and organellar dynamics in living cells at high-speed and sub-wavelength space resolution (4D) and elucidate underlining molecular mechanisms. We will also try to extend this technology to medical and pharmacological applications.


Biological Sciences, Complex systems, Interdisciplinary science and engineering, Biology / Biochemistry


membrane traffic, vesicular transport, super-resolution live imaging, confocal microscopy, organelles


  1. Development of super-resolution live imaging microscopy
  2. Molecular mechanisms of intracellular membrane trafficking
Research image 1

SCLIM2 microscope

Research image 2

Yeast trans-Golgi network (red) and clathrin-coated vesicles (green) assembling and leaving there. Captured from a high-speed 3D movie taken by SCLIM2.

Selected Publications

  1. Nakano, A.: “The Golgi apparatus and its next-door neighbors” , Frontiers Cell Dev. Biol.10:884360 (2022).
  2. Shimizu, Y., Takagi, J., Ito, E., Ito, Y., Ebine, K., Komatsu, Y., Goto, Y., Sato M., Toyooka, K., Ueda, T., Kurokawa, K., Uemura, T., and Nakano, A.: “Cargo sorting zones in the trans-Golgi network visualized by super-resolution confocal live imaging microscopy in plants” , Nat. Commun. 12:1901 (2021).
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Katsumi MidorikawaTeam Leader
Akihiko NakanoDupty Team Leader
Kazuo KurokawaSenior Research Scientist
Takuro TojimaSenior Research Scientist
Kumi MatsuuraResearch Scientist
Natsuko JinResearch Scientist
Daisuke MiyashiroTechnical Scientist
Tomohiro UemuraVisiting Scientist
Yasuyuki SudaVisiting Scientist
Yoko ItoVisiting Scientist
Emi ItoVisiting Scientist
Kumiko IshiiTechnical Staff Ⅱ
Miho WagaTechnical Staff Ⅱ
Hideo HirukawaTechnical Staff Ⅱ