Photonics Control Technology Team

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Satoshi Wada


Satoshi Wada


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swada [at]

Photonics Control Technology Team,
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

#119 1F Laser Science Laboratory,
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan

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Our team investigates new optical technologies for solving world-wide environmental and energy problems. We are mainly developing remote-sensing system of poisonous gas, lidar as an atmospheric monitor for high energy cosmic ray observation, and solar-pumped laser for advanced energy source. We are also developing tunable laser-based biosensors for biomedical and agricultural applications. These researches will contribute to build and to maintain social environment that humans can live safely. Moreover, we are investigating fundamental research topics including particle control with high power Lyman α coherent source, and development of laser pumped neutron source. New applied researches were performed on the basis of basic research of laser materials, and nonlinear optics.


Engineering, Mathematical and physical sciences, Biology / Biochemistry, Agricultural Sciences, Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy


Particle control and measurement, Medical and agricultural measurement, Trace gas measurement, Natural energy, Space applications


  1. Development of trace gas remote-sensing system with mid-infrared laser
  2. Development of infrastructure measurement system with laser remote-sensing system
  3. Research of renewable energy using solar light
  4. Generation of ultraslow muon with vacuum ultraviolet laser
  5. Application to biomedical, agricultural, and industrial measurement using lasers and photoacoustic wave

(a) Sodium LIDAR, (b) Coherent Lyman-α resonance radiation source for ultra-slow muon generation


(c) Laser inspection of infrastructure by courtesy of Shizuoka Pref. and Topcon Corp., (d) Application of photonics control technology to plant cultivation

Selected Publications

  1. Miyata, K., Mohara, M., Shimura, K., Tanabashi, A., Desbiens, L., Roy, V., Taillon, Y., Nakayama, S., Wada, S.: "Programmable deep-UV laser platform for inspection and metrology", Optics Letter vol.44, 5618-5621 (2019).
  2. Yamashita, D., Tsuno, K., Koike, K., Fujii, K., Wada, S., Sugiyama, M.: “Distributed Control of a User-on-demand Renewable-energy Power-source System using Battery and Hydrogen Hybrid Energy-Storage Devices”, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44 27542- 27552 (2019).
  3. Nakahata, K., Karakawa, K., Ogi, K., Mizukami, K., Ohira, K., Maruyama, M., Wada, S., Namita, T., Shiina, T.:”Three-dimensional SAFT imaging for anisotropic materials using photoacoustic microscopy” , Ultrasonics vol. 98, p 82-87 (2019).
  4. Saito, N., Sato, Y., Semertzidis, Y.K., Sendai, H., Shatunov, Y., Shimomura, K., Shoji, M., Shwartz, B., Strasser, P., Sue, Y., Suehara, T., Sung, C., Suzuki,K., Takatomi, T., Tanaka, M., Tojo, J., Tsutsumi, Y., Uchida, T., Ueno, K., Wada, S., et al.: “A New Approach for Measuring the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment and Electric Dipole Moment”, Progress of Theoretical and Expermental Physics, Issue 5 053C02 (2019).
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Satoshi WadaTeam Leader
Norihito SaitoSenior Scientist
Kiwamu KaseSenior Research Scientist
Tomoki MatsuyamaSenior Research Scientist
Takafumi SassaSenior Research Scientist
Takayo OgawaResearch Scientist
Masaki YumotoResearch Scientist
Katsushi FujiiResearch Scientist
Oleg Anatolievich LoutchevResearch Scientist
Kentaro Miyata(Research Scientist
Masayuki MaruyamaResearch Scientist
Takeharu MurakamiResearch Scientist
Masato OtagiriResearch Scientist
Yotaro SaitoResearch Scientist
Takane KobayashiSpecial Temporary Employee
Kayo KoikePostdoctoral Researcher
LanLan BAIPostdoctoral Researcher
Akinori TaketaniPostdoctoral Researcher
Michio SakashitaTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Katsuhiko TsunoTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Hajime YasuiTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Yukinori KunimotoTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Kei TaneishiTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Kei MorishitaTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Yasushi KawataTechnical Staff Ⅰ
Yoko OnoTechnical Staff Ⅱ