Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team

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Yutaka Yamagata


Yutaka Yamagata


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yamagata [at] riken.jp

Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team,
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan

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Our team develops advanced ultrahigh-precision/micro fabrication technologies and their application to scientific apparatuses and devices to support advanced scientific research at RIKEN. Research and development plans of our team include the following four topics: (1) Development of ultrahigh-precision optics including design, fabrication, metrology and computational simulation; (2) Development of ultrahigh-precision/micro fabrication technologies; (3) Development of fabrication technology for soft materials using the electrospray deposition method; and (4) Development of materials and devices for biology or biochemistry such as microfluidic immunoassay devices.
In all R&D topics, our team collaborates with laboratories inside and outside of RIKEN and helps them to construct the most advanced experimental apparatuses, which will lead to innovative scientific research results.


Engineering, Interdisciplinary science and engineering


Ultrahigh Precision Machining, Ultrahigh Precision Metrology, Aspherical Optics, Production Technology, Neutron Optics


  1. Fabrication, design, metrology and simulation of ultrahigh precision optics
  2. Fabrication of micro structure by precision machining
  3. Prototyping of precision optics in collaboration with Advanced Manufacturing Support Team

Neutron focusing ellipsoid mirror with metallic substrate being machined by ultrahigh precision technology

Selected Publications

  1. Yamada, M., Filges, U., Hosobata, T., Yamagata Y., Rantsiou, E.: “Adaptive focusing optics for extreme conditions”, J. Neutron Research, 20 (2018), 113-116, DOI: 10.3233/JNR-180092.
  2. Hosobata, T., Yamada, L., Hino, M., Yamagata, Y., Kawai, T., Yoshinaga, H., Hori, K., Takeda, M., Takeda, S., Morita, S.: “Development of precision elliptic neutron-focusing supermirror”, Opt. Express 25, 20012-20024 (2017).
  3. Yamagata, Y., Hirota, K., Ju, J., Wang, S., Morita, S., Kato, J., et al. : “Development of a neutron generating target for compact neutron sources using low energy proton beams”, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 03/2015; 305(3).
  4. Takeda, S., Yamagata, Y., Yamada, N., Hino, M., Hosobata, T., Guo, J., Morita, S., Oda, T., Furusaka, M., “Development of a large plano-elliptical neutron-focusing supermirror with metallic substrates”, Optics Express, 24(12) 12478 (2016) DOI:10.1346/OE.24.012478.
  5. amamitsu, M., Kitagawa, Y., Nakagawa, K., Horisaki, R., Oishi, Y., Morita, S., Yamagata, Y., Motohara, K., Goda, K., “Spectrum slicer for snapshot spectral imaging”, Optical Engineering 12/2015; 54(12):123115.


Yutaka YamagataTeam Leader
Koichiro ShirotaSenior Research Scientist
Yusuke TajimaSenior Research Scientist
Shinya MoritaVisiting Scientist
Noboru EbizukaResearch Scientist
Hiroyoshi AokiResearch Scientist
Takuya HosobataResearch Scientist
Shin TakedaPostdoctoral Researcher
Masahiro TakedaTechnical Staff Ⅰ