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Yoshié Otake


Yoshié Otake


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Neutron Beam Technology Team,
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

#S201,202,203 Neutron Application Facilities,
2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan

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RIKEN has developed accelerator-driven compact pulse neutron systems for practical use in industrial applications and non-destructive infrastructure inspection. They are called RIKEN accelerator-driven compact neutron source (RANS) and RANS2. RANS has succeeded to develop non-destructive inspection methods with slow and fast neutrons. One is the visualization method of the corrosion and its related water movement of painted steels and the analytical method of the quantitative estimation of the water movement in the painted steels, the other is the neutron engineering diffractometer for the texture evaluation and the austenite volume fraction estimation of iron and steel. The others are the fast neutron imaging applications. Novel reflected neutron imaging method to see through the fracture in the concrete slab has been successfully developed. The compact neutron system is expected to be widely used on-site.


Physics, Engineering, Interdisciplinary science and engineering


Accelerator-based compact neutron system, Characterization of microstructure and texture evaluation in steels, Research and development of non-destructive inspection for infrastructures, Visualization of water and air hole in concrete slabs, Detection of salt damage in the concrete by prompt-gamma neutron activation analysis


  1. Research and development of compact neutron system for practical use at anytime, anywhere
  2. Realization of the on-site use compact neutron system
  3. Non-destructive test technology for infrastructure
  4. Characterization of microstructure in steels by compact neutron source

The future imaging of compact neutron non-destructive test system on-site

Selected Publications

  1. Kobayashi, T., Ikeda, S., Otake, Y., Ikeda, Y., and Hayashizaki, N.: “Completion of a new accelerator-driven compact neutron source prototype RANS-II for on-site use” , NUCL INSTRUM METH PHYS RES A Vol.994, 165091 pp1-6 (2021).
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