Image Processing Research Team

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Hideo Yokota


Photo: Hideo Yokota


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Image Processing Research Team,
RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198 Japan


Our goal is to develop original RIKEN data processing technology and multidimensional measurement technology in order to contribute to understanding biological phenomena. We are especially contributing to the fields of mathematical biology, bio-medical simulations as well as medical diagnostic and treatment technology by researching and developing new data and image processing technologies and establishing new tools for quantification of biological phenomena, intended for researchers both inside and outside RIKEN.


Engineering, Informatics, Computer Science


Multi dimensional image processing, Multi dimensional imaging, Bioengineering, Image analysis, Medical engineering


  1. Development of algorithms for image processing
  2. Development of image processing systems
  3. Construction of instrumentation system for bio-research data creation
Research image

Image Processing Cloud

Selected Publications

  1. Tamura, N., Goto, S., Yokota, H., and Goto, S.: "Contributing Role of Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism on Platelet Adhesion, Activation and Thrombus Formation under Blood Flow Conditions", Platelets 1-7 (2022).
  2. Yamashita, N., Matsuno, T., Maeda, D., Kikuzuki, M., and Yokota, H.: “Efficient 3D observation of steel microstructure using serial sectioning with precision cutting and on-site etching” , Precision Engineering 75, pp.37-45 (2022).
  3. Takematsu, M., Umezawa, M., Sera, T., Kitagawa, Y., Kurahashi, H., Yamada, S., Okubo, K., Kamimura, M., Yokota, H., and Soga, K.: “Influence of the difference in refractive index on the interface of an object and the surrounding in near-infrared fluorescence tomography” , Applied Optics (2021).
  4. Michikawa,T., Yoshida, T., Kuroki, S., Ishikawa, T., Kakei, S., Kimizuka, R., Saito, A., Yokota, H., Shimizu, A., Itohara, S., and Miyawaki, A.: “Distributed sensory coding by cerebellar complex spikes in units of cortical segments” , Cell Reports 37,6, 109966 (2021).
  5. Hori, K., Ikematsu, H., Yamamoto, Y., Matsuzaki, H., Takeshita, N., Shinmura, K., Yoda, Y., Kiuchi, T., Takemoto, S., Yokota, H., and Yano, T.: “Detecting colon polyps in endoscopic images using artificial intelligence constructed with automated collection of annotated images from an endoscopy reporting system” , Digestive Endoscopy (2021).


Hideo YokotaTeam Leader
Shin YoshizawaSenior Scientist
Satoshi OotaSpecial Temporary Research Scientist
Shigeho NodaSenior Scientist
Takashi MichikawaSenior Scientist
Satoko TakemotoResearch Scientist
Masahiko MoritaResearch Scientist
Norio YamashitaResearch Scientist
Zhe SunResearch Scientist
Sakiko NakamuraTechnical StaffⅠ
Yuki TsujimuraTechnical StaffⅠ
Masaomi NishimuraTechnical StaffⅠ
Xianping ZhangJRA
Hiroaki IwaseJRA
Takashi UematsuJRA