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The 11th RAP Symposium - Toward the New Horizon of Advanced Photonics -

The 11th RAP Seminar

Event Outline

Event Outline
Date Feb. 29 - Mar. 1, 2024
Venue 2F , Administrative Headquarters, Wako Campus, RIKEN
Contact rap-symp_2023 [at] ml.riken.jp
Attendance fee

Participation is free!

More Infomation The 11th RAP Symposium - Toward the New Horizon of Advanced Photonics - [PDF , 459 KB]


The 11th RAP Symposium

– Toward the New Horizon of Advanced Photonics –


Dates:  Feb.29 (Thu) 10:00~17:40、Mar.1 (Fri) 9:15~17:10, 2024

Venue:   2F, Administrative Headquarters, Wako Campus, RIKEN 

Organizer:  RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP)

Supported:  The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Terahertz Technology Forum, Japan Society for Cell Biology, The Biophysical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Neutron Science, Bioimaging Society, The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection, The Physical Society of Japan, The Optical Society of Japan, The Spectroscopical Society of Japan, The Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Graphene Research Society, Japan society for Molecular Science, The Laser Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Laser Microscopy


Thursday, 29th, February, 2024
10:00-10:10  Opening remarks  
10:10-10:30  O-01  Norihito Saito (Photonics Control Technology Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Laser and receiver for sodium lidar and observation of the Arctic upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere
10:30-10:50  O-02  Takuhiro Fujiie (Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Development of Novel Neutron Interferometer using Multilayer Mirrors for Fundamental Physics
10:50-11:10  O-03  Tomohiro Kobayashi (Neutron Beam Technology Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Accelerator-Driven Neutron Source RANS-III to Begin Onboard Demonstration Tests
11:10-11:30  – break –
11:30-12:10  Invited talk 1
Hidekazu Mimura (Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,
The University of Tokyo)
“Development of the manufacturing process for grazing-incidence X-ray mirrors”
12:10-13:00  – lunch –
13:00-15:00 Poster Session
15:00-15:40  Invited talk 2
Teruaki Enoto (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University,
RIKEN Hakubi Team Leader, Extreme Natural Phenomena RIKEN Hakubi Research Team)
“Exploration of Lunar Water Resources and Physics around the Moon Using Cosmic
15:40-16:00  O-04 Joselito Muldera (Tera-Photonics Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
High-Frequency Backward THz-Wave Parametric Oscillator
16:00-16:20  O-05 Hiromichi Hoshina (Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Non-thermal effect of THz-wave irradiation for living cells
16:20-16:40  – break –
16:40-17:00  O-06 Hideki Hirayama (Terahertz Quantum Device Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Progress and future prospects of THz and IR quantum-cascade lasers using wide
bandgap semiconductors
17:00-17:40  Invited talk 3
Taku Sato (Professor, Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials,
Tohoku University)
“Future perspective of neutron scattering technique for quantum magnetism research”
18:00-20:00  Banquet
Friday, 1st, March, 2024
 9:15-  9:20  Greetings from Executive Director
 9:20- 9:40  O-07 Yu-Chieh Lin (Attosecond Science Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Generation of vortex pulses toward chirality sorting
 9:40-10:00  O-08 Woongmo Sung (Ultrafast Spectroscopy Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Ultrafast vibrational relaxation at the air/water interface revealed by phase-sensitive
nonlinear spectroscopy
10:00-10:40  Invited talk 4
Masanori Murayama (Team Leader, Laboratory for Haptic Perception and Cognitive Physiology, RIKEN Center for Brain Science)
“Exploring New Frontiers of the Brain with High-Speed, Wide-Field, High-Resolution
Two-Photon Microscopy”
10:40-11:00  – break –
11:00-11:20  O-09 Masao Takamoto (Space-Time Engineering Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Development of transportable optical lattice clocks and geodetic applications
11:20-11:40  O-10 Shun Fujii (Quantum Optoelectronics Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Second- and third-order nonlinear photonics in ultrahigh-Q microcavities
11:40-12:00  O-11 Eiji Takahashi (Ultrafast Coherent Soft X-ray Photonics Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Next-generation laser technology to realize high-power attosecond lasers
12:00-13:00  – lunch –
13:00-13:40  Invited talk 5
Hiroko Imai (Senior Engineer, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA))
“How data from space (LIDAR) greatly enhances Earth Digital Twins”
13:40-14:00  O-12 Yuya Morimoto (Ultrashort Electron Beam Science RIKEN Hakubi Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Rocking curve effect in attosecond electron diffraction
14:00-14:20  O-13 Kumi Matssuura (Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
High-speed super-resolution imaging of post-Golgi membrane traffic in mammalian
14:20-14:40  – break –
14:40-15:20  Invited talk 6
Kentaro Motohara (Professor, National Institute of Natural Sciences, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, Faculty of Science & Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)
“Instrumentation for Infrared Astronomy”
15:20-15:40  O-14 Satoshi Shimozono (Biotechnological Optics Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Improvements of a highly photostable fluorescent protein, StayGold
15:40-16:00  O-15 Norio Yamashita (Image Processing Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
3D internal structure observation of metals and living matters by serial sectioning
16:00-16:20  – break –
16:20-16:40  O-16 Cherrie May Olaya (Innovative Photon Manipulation Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Beam shift measurement at surface plasmon resonance for high sensitivity sensing
16:40-17:00  O-17 Jiawei Zhang (Advanced Laser Processing Research Team, RIKEN-RAP)
Rapid Manufacturing of Glass-Based Digital Nucleic Acid Amplification Chips by Ultrafast Bessel Pulses
17:00-17:10  Closing remarks


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