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The 8th RAP Symposium

Poster of the 8th RAP Symposium


Event Outline

Event Outline
Date Mar. 9, 2021
Opening hours 09:20 - 18:00
Venue Online event using Zoom

Maximum number of participants: 200
Registration deadline: Friday, February 26th, 2021

Contact rap-symp_2020 [at] ml.riken.jp
Attendance fee


More Infomation The 8th RAP Symposium [PDF , 331 KB]


Organizer:  RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics (RAP)

Supported:  The Japan Society of Applied Physics, Terahertz Technology Forum, Japan Society for Cell Biology, The Biophysical Society of Japan, The Japanese Society for Neutron Science, Bioimaging Society, The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection, The Physical Society of Japan, The Optical Society of Japan, The Spectroscopical Society of Japan, VCAD System Study Group, The Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Graphene Research Society, Japan Society for Molecular Science, The Laser Society of Japan, The Japan Society for Laser Microscopy


Language:  Japanese (partly in English)



9:20 –  9:30      Opening remarks

9:30 –  9:50      Visualization and characterization of invisible human droplets with LIDAR

Satoshi WADA, Photonics Control Technology Team, RAP, RIKEN

9:50 –  10:10      Scattering imaging for infrastructure via compact neutron source RANS and RANS-II

Kunihiro FUJITA, Neutron Beam Technology Team, RAP, RIKEN

10:10  –  10:30      Fabrication of a precise Wolter mirror and its application for imaging with ultrashort soft X-ray pulses

Satoru EGAWA, Ultrahigh Precision Optics Technology Team, RAP, RIKEN

10:30  –  11:00      Invited talk

Attosecond electron motion characterized by transient reflection/refraction spectroscopy”

Dr. Hiroki MASHIKO, NTT Basic Research Laboratories

11:00  –  11:20       Generation of an intense sub-keV high-order harmonic beam

Eiji TAKAHASHI, Attosecond Science Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

11:20  –  11:40      Femtosecond hydrogen bond dynamics of water at the charged hydrophobic interfaces revealed by two-dimensional heterodyne-detected VSFG spectroscopy

Ahmed MOHAMMED, Ultrafast Spectroscopy Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

11:40  –  12:00      Near-unity radiative quantum efficiency of excitons in carbon nanotubes

Yuichiro KATO, Quantum Optoelectronics Research Team, RAP

12:00  –  13:00       – lunch –          

13:00  –  13:40      Plenary talk  

Large-scale quantum computing with quantum teleportation”  

Prof. Akira FURUSAWA, The University of Tokyo

13:40  –  14:20      Plenary talk  

Potential of diamond quantum sensors

Prof. Mutsuko HATANO, Tokyo Institute of Technology

14:20  –  14:40      Backward THz-wave parametric oscillation beyond the Manley-Rowe quantum-efficiency limit

Kouji NAWATA, Tera-Photonics Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

14:40  –  15:00      Manipulation of Biomolecular Assemblies by THz Irradiation

Shota YAMAZAKI, Terahertz Sensing and Imaging Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

15:00  –  15:20      Recent progress and future prospects of unexplode frequency high-power terahertz quantum cascade laser

Hideki HIRAYAMA, Terahertz Quantum Device Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

15:20  –  15:30       – break – 

15:30  –  16:00      Invited talk 

Relativistic geodesy using optical lattice clock and its application to seismological and volcanological studies”

Prof. Yoshiyuki TANAKA, The University of Tokyo

16:00  –  16:20      Development of an on-vehicle optical lattice clock for geodetic applications

Masao TAKAMOTO, Space-Time Engineering Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

16:20  –  16:40      Elucidating the transport mechanism of cargo proteins by 4D live imaging with high spatio-temporal resolution

Kazuo KUROKAWA, Live Cell Super-Resolution Imaging Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

16:40  –  17:00      Real-time imaging of NFκB activity in living cells by a fluorescent degron probe

Masahiko HIRANO, Biotechnological Optics Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

17:00  –  17:20      Toward steel structure analysis using image processing techniques

Takashi MICHIKAWA, Image Processing Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

17:20  –  17:40      Chiral electromagnetic field created by metal nanostructures

Shun HASHIYADA, Innovative Photon Manipulation Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

17:40  –  18:00      Attomolar sensing using microfluidic SERS chips fabricated by hybrid femtosecond laser processing

Shi BAI, Advanced Laser Processing Research Team, RAP, RIKEN

18:00  –                  Closing remarks


*Please note that this program is subject to change without notice.

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